Thursday, July 3, 2008

This may lead to thumb wrestling

Have you noticed all the great blog contests that are out there lately? Me too; yet I rarely enter them. I am either too lazy, miss the deadline, or don’t meet the requirements. If I do manage to enter I doubt I will win. I am such a victim; being brought down by the man. Yet, one man recently brightened my day when he e-mailed me to say I had won a contest! Yeah! “The Man” is Joeprah and I have been remiss in properly acknowledging and thanking him for my fabulous winnings. You see, a few weeks back my man Joe had a drawing for a great lot of books. This contest was so up my alley and Joe made it easy to enter and win. If the book topic didn’t suit my taste I know of someone that will enjoy each one. I am especially looking forward to reading the novel by country music’s fab duo Brooks and Dunn. Who knew they were writers...oh yeah.

So Joe is having another contest that I just had to enter. Joe is giving away a new camera and I need a replacement. The boys have decided that my old Sony is theirs for the taking. I am not all that upset; I like to see their perspective in pictures. Brad has a D70 which is way to fancy and big for me to throw in my bag to take with us on outings or have handy for a quick photo op. Cross your fingers that I win this one too!

In an attempt to be a little more like Joe, we made a video for him. It is certainly not up to his standards though (I do realize that brown nosing will not help me chances in this contest but I had to try). As I watched the video I realized how far apart I am from the boys. This is due to them fighting over the very camera I am trying to replace; I had to send them to separate corners of the couch. The end of the video will demonstrate my fab parenting skills. I kid you not, I am not acting. That is utter surprise and delight that they actually did it without provocation ON CAMERA!

Also note G-Man's new "puppy trick" (phrase stolen from my friend Kim). When his three year old brain is ripe for the picking and we should be teaching him Mandarin Chinese or Sanskrit, we are teaching him stupid movie lines.

The whole family loves ya Joe! Keep it up!

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Putz said...

i wonder how you would feel with some real compititon for that jososphers camerera?????? i don.t post pictures because i don't own a camera, i also don't own the computer i am on, so i'm so more deserveing, after i saw your vidio, i have decided you are so like my daughter, karen,,,i am serious except for the red har\ you sit in a sink up close to a mirror when you brush...she is your age and has two girls close in age to your boys and live just up from you in ashborough, how did piper's date go???i'm trough your hair???