Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Purple Promise

There were lots of reasons that hubs and I chose to move back to Misery. Great schools, good cost of living, decent weather, and close to family. What I had forgotten about though, until I got back here, was another reason why I like it here. The people. The strangers. People are so nice here. "Honey, did that guy driving by just wave at you?" "Yeah, what about it?". Huh, how about that. We don't even know him.

I am not from this part of the state and will admit things are a little different here. A good different.

You have heard of six degrees of separation? You know, how if you know the right six people, you know everyone? In this town there are really only two degrees. It has it's good points and bad points. I tend to find myself looking over my shoulder when I am out on the town; I don't want to embarrass the in-laws!

Today I got a call on my cell from a Fed-Ex driver named Charles. He informed me an old neighbor of mine tracked him down in a parking lot with a package that had been on my old doorstep for about two months. If you hadn't guessed, the old house is still vacant. Although Charles is a ground driver and the package is Express he says he will see what he can do.

Most drivers would take it back to the hub and drop it in the lost and found bin. Not Charles. Charles called me and told me the story about my nice neighbor and said he had the package for me. I told him he could leave it at the hub and I would pick it up. Not good enough for Charles. "Where are you?" he asked. He tells me he is not far from my location and will wait for me in the Best Buy parking lot where he is doing a drop. I meet him there shortly and learn I am not the only lucky recipient of Charles do-good deeds. Seems last week a car was on fire in bank parking lot. Charles put out the fire with his in truck extinguisher.

Many companies have missions and values that are plastered all over the walls of the organization. Often the effort is lost on employees. Lucky for me, The Purple Promise is not lost on Charles.

Makes me want to go do some good and wave at strangers. What will you do today?

**I called Charles' supervisor and gave him lots of well deserved kudos. He may not get a raise from it, but it will hopefully encourage more of the same from others!

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Heydt Wylie Family said...

I find no humor in you calling my fine state "Misery" and if you don't stop I might have to stop being your friend. Or at least poke you in the eye EVERY TIME.

Amy said...

What a kind gesture. I hope you are enjoying your summer!

StewartAllyn said...

It is refreshing to know, and in your case, actually experience, service above and beyond. As for what you can do...I always go with "pay it forward". Like in the movie, maybe one day it will catch on. I'm glad you called his supervisor. I always enjoy getting calls/emails from customers who compliment one of my employees.

Putz said...

TRY UTAR, if you have any trouble with heydt wylie family, just send thom to me