Wednesday, July 30, 2008

100 Things 100 Readers 100 Comments $100

I am a little late in acknowledging my 100th post milestone. Better late than never, they say. In honor of this achievement I am having a contest. If you want to win $100.00 try this on for size:

1. Subscribe to me in your reader. For the contest to work my goal is to gain 100 readers by the deadline. If I do not have 100 readers by the drop dead date, no money.

2. Comment on this post. For the money to be given away I need 100 comments by the deadline.

Some of you might be saying to yourselves, "She is bribing us", "She is buying us". Yes, some may look at it like that. Others might say "Who cares, I could use 100 bucks!".

Since I am a conformist and do what everyone else does, I will add 100 random things about me for your amusement. Enjoy.

1. I like ice in my milk. There is nothing worse than warm milk.
2. I do not like meatloaf. I think this dish was a lazy kitchen accident in the 60's.
3. I do not like coconut or anything flavored like it.
4. I played the violin until I graduated high school.
5. I toured Europe with my orchestra.
6. After playing the saxophone one year I decided I liked the violin better. When I told my band leader he cornered me and called me a quitter that would amount to nothing. These are the people that shape young minds.
7. I would love to play the trombone.
8. I had braces when I was 28 and now have a permanent lower retainer.
9. I have been known to cut off swollen taste buds so I will stop rubbing them against my teeth. I know, weird.
10. I give my husband manicures and pedicures.
11. My CD collection is alphabetized (big surprise).
12. Hubs and I have moved 10 times in 11 years.
13. Kansas City is my favorite place to live.
14. My favorite deli sandwich is turkey and Swiss.
15. I started drinking coffee about three months ago.
16. My first car was a 1987 Dodge Colt.
17. I drive a convertible.
18. I have a birthmark shaped like an island on my left cheek. The boys have the same.
19. I had Kawasaki when I was five.
20. I had my tonsils removed when I was 14.
21. I have had two left knee scopes.
22. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2006.
23. My sister played connect the dots with my freckles when we were kids in an effort to count them. We lost track.
24. I don't like to cook.
25. I like to bake from a box.
26. My phone is a Treo 700
27. After owning Gateways for 10 years I bought my first HP in 2006.
28. I want a Mac.
29. I want to write a book.
30. I am 9 classes away from finishing my MBA.
31. It took me 12 years to finish my BS.
32. I love chocolate chip ice cream but like to wait for it to melt a little & eat it in shake like form.
33. I like to dip my fries in my Wendy's frosty.
34. My license was suspended when I was 18 due to speeding tickets.
35. I drink Captain and 7.
36. I sleep with the fan on.
37. I was raised Baptist.
38. I am Episcopalian now.
39. I like Karaoke.
40. I love the beach and perfecting the art of counting waves.
41. Not a fan of snow or cold.
42. I don't eat beans. They have a weird texture.
43. I love cheese, I could eat a whole block at once.
44. I love to sleep.
45. I love to read.
46. I love psychological thrillers.
47. I like coffee with my coffemate.
48. I use paper towels; not a dish towel.
49. Clear fingernail polish and red toenail polish.
50. A tattoo of a coyote and moon
51. A tattoo of a palm tree
52. Hit Me With Your Best Shot is my favorite song to karaoke
53. I can sing the states in alphabetical order
54. I am right handed
55. I am left brained
56. All of my biological grandparents are dead
57. I have a sister that is 5 years older than me
58. I have a brother that it 13 years younger than me
59. I was a cocktail waitress in college for one night ( I belonged on the other side of the table)
60. I was a life guard in high school
61. My heart has been broken
62. I have testified against someone in court
63. I have been baptized
64. I once worked at a dating service
65. I love the smell of honeysuckle
66. I once cried while eating a TV dinner brownie; it was that good
67. My hair parts to the right
68. I was born in Mint Hill NC
69. I was raised in Kansas City
70. I am Hungarian
71. Prior to having kids I wore a size 7.5-8 shoe; I now wear a 7
72. I do not like my neck being touched but I do like it to be kissed
73. I am stubborn
74. My celeb crush was once Matthew McConaughey but is now Leo DiCaprio (Blood Diamond
did it for me)
75. I am considering plastic surgery
76. I occasionally dream (nightmare) that my teeth fall out
77. I talk a lot when I drink alcohol
78. I have the memory of an elephant
79. I keep my nails short and my hair long
80. I once cut my hair so short that hubs would trim it at home with his trimmers. Never again
81. Both ears are pierced twice
82. I have trust issues
83. I avoid confrontation
84. I failed algebra in high school
85. I write thank you notes
86. I don't eat breakfast
87. I would love to visit a truly haunted home
88. I own my own shot gun
89. I do not believe Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone.
90. I won a writing contest when I was young
91. I am an Aquarius by date but a Capricorn by traits
92. KU and UNC Basketball
93. KC Chiefs Football
94. I eat my sandwiches dry
95. I do not like guacamole
96. Although I am right handed, I play pool left handed
97. My greatest fear is losing everything in a fire.
98. My brother in law is a fireman
99. I love going to the dentist
100. Creation not Evolution

So the deal is 100 readers subscribed and 100 comments made by Thursday August 14th. I will randomly draw a name of a commenter on Friday August 15th and send them $100.00! That should buy a lot of gas!

Thanks and Good Luck!


Honeybell said...

You love the dentist?? There is something very wrong with you.

:p Count me in . . . I want $100!

The Insane Writer said...

Well, I love going to the dentist too, so there is something very wrong with the both of

Our Crooked Tree said...

Anon: I am sorry you missed the part of the post that acknowledges your inquiry (I did this in attempt to avoid comments like yours). I am happy to hear the economy is not affecting you and you don't want 100 bucks! Thanks for giving someone else a chance!

This comment and mine will not be counted toward the 100 mark. ☺

BTW, in an effort to defend myself I will point out that I have visited many blogs that ask for readers to register and/or subscribe to enter a contest (which is usually for an item rather than money but I "thought" folks would appreciate cold hard cash; and it was a clever tie to the 100 random things). It is all in fun. Sorry you can't see that.

A Buns Life said...

You have been in my reader since the beginning, and I remember the Colt served us well going up and down Noland road didn't it? :)

Half-Past Kissin' Time said...

What fun! Okay, I've added your blog to my reader and tossed in a "100th Post" gift by putting a link in my post for tomorrow :) Now to my comment on your 100 Things:

I, too, love psychological thrillers. I also dream occasionally about my front teeth falling out! My favorite Karaoke song in The Harper Valley PTA.

Good luck in reaching your goal; I think it's a GREAT idea, and I would have come without the chance for the prize :)

piper of love said...

Too bad 'anonymous' doesn't have anything better to do that judge and chastise another blogger.
And how proud they must be of themselves being brave enough to be 'anonymous.'

Obviously it's a jealous buzzer who really doesn't have anything more interesting to do.

Sweetie, it's your blog, you do it exactly the way you want.

Congrats on your 100th post! And here's to 100 more!

Count me in :)


You're already in my reader, but it's through bloglines, so I don't know if that shows up in your numbers? I'm so clueless about that kind of stuff.
I can identify with a lot of things on your list, particularly your love for cheese, reading and sleeping. Definitely 3 of my faves.

Ed (zoesdad) said...

You haven't tried my guacamole. said...

hi, i love my dentist, too!

mrs.4444/half past, who is totally awesome, encouraged me to come over here and give you some comment love. so howdy doody.

greetings from kathleen in anchorage alaska :)

Weaselmomma said...

neat list. I'm leaving a comment and subscribing. Do I get my entry now?

Telecommuting Journal said...

Usually I don't like lists and I hardly ever participate in contests but this is simple, straightforward and rather amusing. Congratulations on the 100th post, by the way.

I, too, can sing the "Fifty Nifty" states in alphabetical order. I wonder if that's the same song you know or if there are actually more of them out there. That 3rd grade music class ditty has come in handy more often than you'd think!

Stacey @Real World Mom said...

Your feet got smaller after kids? How'd you manage that?! LOL!

Happy (belated) 100th post!

vincent said...

Well, I will enter just because you came up with those 100 things... I seriously wonder if I would be able to do it... And I had to go to the dentist from a young age, and I LOVE going... Thank you...

Birdie said...

ooo you got a troll!! That had "jealousy" written all over it! I say if you have to comment anonymously, you shouldn't comment at all. You just have to laugh at people like that. Whatever. do I subscribe? I can't figure it out (shhh don't tell anybody! *S).

Heydt Wylie Family said...

Things we have in common:
28(I have a mac and would always like a new one) 36, 38, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45(US magazine) 49, 54, 61, 63, 65, 77, 79, 83, 85, 86, 90(coloring contest), 94

Side note: how exciting you have a "hater"! I think "he" should count as part of the hundred but because "he" is anonymous you can just put my name on his draw slip of paper.

Sexy Housewife said...

I will play along for fun (and I wouldn't turn down $100)! Anything Pat Benetar is good for singing along...I also hate coconut...fries in the Frosty---so good...I was a cocktail waitress for 2 list!

amy turn sharp of doobleh-vay said...

wow gal! I am already subscribed in my reader xoxoxo but I hope I still count

Colleen said...

Hey fellow Aquarian! I'll subscribe - why not? ;o)

yourneighborhoodreverend said...

"I like ice in my milk. There is nothing worse than warm milk."

I could NOT agree more (as you well know, from my rantings)!

As for the thank you notes, you're one of a dying breed (as am I). I'm glad my parents instilled in me a sense of how important handwritten notes are in an age of growing impersonal communication.

What about baseball? (May I suggest....BOSOX!!) ;)

Congrats on hitting #100!

Insane Mama said...

My sister and I played connect the dots with our freckles too ! Count me in.

Katie said...

just about to put together a post (FINALLY) about your recognition of me! sorry for the delay, been running around in memphis...thanks so much for your attention to my little blog!

BusyDad said...

Oh you suck! Pandering to your visitors to up your subscriber count? Get a life... oh, wait, crap. This is not anonymous? Huh? deletedeletedelete.

;) I always wanted to know what it's like to be a troll.

Count me in. But I am already a subscriber, so oh well. I played violin until I graduated HS as well. AND I played the trombone. You are right, trombone was a lot more fun. Congrats on your 100-something!

The Mom said...

Subscribed via Bloglines...and you're my Entrecard buddy! ;)

Queen of Shake-Shake said...

Ohhhh, I LOVE desperation! Screw deeper meaning, give me ego-boosting high numbers!

Yeah, I just bought a new MacBook, I totally need 100.00 bucks.

I love the dentist too! Just as much as I love eating cat turd sandwiches. ugh!

Dad of Divas said...

Great list! I have written and edited a book and I'll tell is not the easiest, but the end product is worth it (even if a ton of people don't buy copies of it!) Congrats on your accomplishment and keep up the great posts! said...

hi there,
i added a shout out to you and this post on my bloggy post today. fun post, kathleen :)

timothy said...

Great way to celebrate 100!!!

thanks for finding me on EC..


Timothy Adam Designs

Dad of Divas said...

I will be sending out a shout your way tomorrow afternoon on my blog..hope you can stop by (around 4:30 CST)

Mizé said...

Hi. I subscribed your feed. I found your blog trough Entrecard and from what I´ve read, I´ll come back more often, despites the 100.00 bucks. Once they would be handy to me, I guess I´m in.

jtj3 said...

I found your blog from a link on our mutual friend Kathleeny-beany's blog. Congratulations on your 100th! Quite a milestone. Oh and congrats on (almost) being done with your MBA (#30)! It's a huge accomplishment, you should be proud.

I like your writing style...I'll be back to check in now and then. And I didn't even visit/comment for the $100 prize. HA HA HA

Tammy said...

You're so fun!!!
Love you big!

tysdaddy said...

What a pleasant surprise.

Consider me a new subscriber . . . and the winner of $100 bucks if you don't mind!


carrie said...

Congrats on your 100th post! Nice to know more about you . . . even if you're a freak who loves the dentist.

And I mean that in the nicest possible way! :)

carrie said...

Sorry you got a troll - you know that means you're making headway friend!

I hope you reach your goal!

Sogeshirtsguy said...

Oh no not the Kansas city chiefs. I'm a chargers fan. Good luck this year. Still think you guys need a qb as I'm not sold on Croyle. I subscribed to your blog a couple weeks ago. said...

hi again ~
i was glad to see my buddy "our jim" (jtj3) visited you. he is a total sweet guy.

and yes, congrats on getting so close to being done with your master's. i did my MS degree in business mgmt, so we have that sorta in common, too.

and i can't believe more people don't love the dentist like you and me. i wrote a fun(ny) post about my dentist office this week.

and i got a kick out of your visit/comment to my bloggy. so sweet what you said about gratitude! and you made me giggle about how we are friends now and can braid each others' hair and share recipes, but not tats. hahaha. i have never done a tat. and never will :)

great day to ya, beany :)

Anna said...

Well, I've been subscribed to your blog for awhile if that counts and there is my comment on your 100th post! Good luck!! :)

Jenny said...

Girl...that was THE most interesting 100th list I have ever read. And my tongue actually tingled when I read you cut off your taste buds!!! Seriously, it did!
I'm off to subscribe...

Veggie Mom said...

I'm all about KU and UNC. I'ma ALWAYS gonna be a Roy Williams fan. In fact, I've got a UNC basketball T on right now!

ciara said...

birdie sent me over. cool contest and great list. always fascinating what you learn about others. i'm with you on the cooking. i hate to do cook, too. and 12 yrs to finish a bs? better than NEVER finishing like me.

ok, off to go subscribe. maybe i'll win something this time...haven't so far. LOL

Ellen said...

congrats on the milestone!
And wow.. 100 random things about yourself, what a nice way to get to know you..
I really couldn't come up with more than 10 if I had too, though there definitely are a great number of random things we turn out to share..

Would love to have known a bit more about your marketing background, something else we have in common!
Good luck with the contest, and your goal!!

ciara said...

it was not birdie, it was you that sent me here. duh! LOL i really outta pay attention better.

Jennifer, Playgroups Are No Place For Children said...

You got a troll!!! Congratulations, you know this means you've made it, right?!

I'll get you added to my reader right now.

Angela: mom2girlsgirlsgirls: said...

I haven't been here in a while, but thought I get in on the draw! There--now I'm a blatant sucker for a blatant panderer. ha! Good luck!

And hello again from SE Kansa

Angela: mom2girlsgirlsgirls: said...

KansaS. I meant Kansas, not Kansa!

Tyler @ Building Camelot said...

Count me in...actually, I thought I was already a reader. What a good time to add you to my Google reader.

lost and looking for myself said...

Awesome blog! I would enjoy being a reader. Thanks said...

i forgot to tell you that i subscribed to you on my google reader. i love google reader -- soooo handy to get to see when those on my list post new posts. i never have to remember to go look, they magically appear on my google reader list.

wow about the tastebud thing, too. i do that sometimes, too, and thought i was the only one.

happy sunday, beany :)

Sis said...

My dear sis.....I find it interesting that your blog says I am 5 years older than you. However, whenever, I say that you correct me and say, "no no only 4 and 1/2 years!" Grin! You crack me up!!

And btw, I am so happy to learn that you have finally come over to the winning side rooting for MY KU Jayhawks and MY UNC Tarheels!! Congratulations on such an accomplishment! KKLL

Oh and you forgot to mention how I used to put bright green eyeshadow on you just because you had red hair! LOL

indocontest said...

Added to my Google Reader.
Will post this on my blog soon.

Kat said...

I'll Play. I could use $100. I have added you via my Flock browser reader.

keeth said...

Hpoe you reach the target and i win the lottery after that

Putz said...

you probably won't make a hundred, how is that for a commentor that only averages 8 per day

Tena said...

I could use a $100, count me in, fingers crossed you get to 100

Tenakim said...

I thought I was the only freak thats feet got smaller after kids... good to know youare a freak like me!

wendster said...

I should subscribe JUST to learn how to subscribe to a ... to a what are they called?

I am SO technologically impaired.

And you don't like meatloaf OR guacamole? WHAT? Have you ever had guacamole WITH your meatloaf? Nah. Me either.

I also keep my nails short ... they just won't grow long ... it's all that stupid rubbing alcohol I use to clean the glass in my house. Breaks em off. But I am compulsive.

Good luck on getting your 100 comments.

I followed Beany (sogratefultobemormon)over. She recommended you on her blog.

Best wishes! Wendy

Alastair027 said...

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