Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Elvis, Tattoos, and Beef Sundaes

Can it get any better than that? Saturday Night hubs and I headed to a fundraiser for a local non-profit. It was a beach bash theme that included Elvis impersonators, a balloon lady that made the most realistic octopus, and air brushed tattoos. We ended up leaving with a goody bag of treats that included blinking trinkets, color changing cups and Mardi Gras like beads. We had an impulse auction bid that we ended up winning that included some pool items and a huge Nuclear Globe. If you have not seen one of these before, just imagine The Babe is a gerbil inside a see-through wheel in the pool. Not sure this will make it to the pool this year.

Sunday we headed to the local fair with the boys and two of their cousins. Hubs commented that he couldn't wait to fill up on fair food. Corn dogs, funnel cakes, root bear, ice cream. I threw up a little in my mouth thinking about all the food in combination with the rides I would be on with the kids. Combined that with 90 degree heat and what is not to love? Speaking of the heat. The always prepared mother than I am did not bring a rubber band for my hair. It was hot, I was sweaty. We ran in to some friends, one of which happened to be my hairstylist. She suggested I get a pen and stick in in my hair to keep it up. I couldn't find a pen but The Babe had just devoured two foot long hot dogs. Hair on a stick? Welcome to the fair.

What makes this a classic fair photo is that you can still see a little corn dog on the ends of the stick. Although it looks like I am molding from the heat and sweat, the blue green on my back is my "3 day tattoo" from the night before sweating off. Yummy.

This year I noticed the fair has added some new features. Specifically, new food items. I guess the discriminating tastes of Ozarks fair goers was costing them so patronage. I can see it now,
"Hank, what do you think will really blow their belt buckles off?" "I know Earl, Beef Sundaes"! Whoo Hoo! We did not partake in the Beef Sundae, actually I thought it was a mistake until I walked up and saw the proof in the pudding.

Oh! Don't forget the animal viewing area. As we were walking through the barn looking at the sheep Little Man made one of many comments that proves he is my child. "There's a lot of poop in here". As I put him to bed that night he confirmed my suspicions, "Mommy, I didn't really like the animal part, I liked riding in the helicopter".


Anonymous said...

What is a Beef Sundae????
Do I really want to know this?

Half-Past Kissin' Time said...

You are a funny one. Everyone should experience a fair at least once. I love your little boy's observation :)

Thank you for the award!!! I really appreciate it, but I hope you don't mind if I hold on to it for a while, rather than posting about it (I received it on the 20th) and it took me a long time to pass it on as it was. That one sure is making the rounds, isn't it? You were sweet to think of me; thanks again.

Heather said...

That beef sundae reminds me of the hamburger at the Grizzlies stadium. It's a normal hamburger, only the bun is replaced with a Krispy Kreme donut.

Anna.m80parents said...

What an entertaining entry! I, too, had no idea what a Beef Sundae was. (thanks, heather) Keep up the blogging and look forward to reading more postings from you. Anna

Sis said...

You crack me up! I don't think I have been to a fair since I took you and your friend to see New Kids on Block! Remember we had horrible seats, then it started raining and everyone scrambled out of the stands? Then I grabbed you guys and we went directly down to the front row for when they came back on to stage! I wonder if the crazy, screaming tween that you were is now the way the little girls feel about Hannah Montana or the Jones Brothers?!!?

JenniBeanV said...

Beef Sundae? Ewwww. LOL! I think I'll stick with the hot fudge variety!