Sunday, February 24, 2008

Let the Clean Up Begin!

Everyone that knows me, knows I was a little apprehensive about moving back to the Mid West. I was used to it being "just us". I was used to having a core nucleus that my world revolved around. I was concerned about feelings of obligation on my part and others. I was concerned with unannounced visitors dropping in all the time. I was concerned people would be all up in my business. Well, after two years, I have to say I am happy that although my husband was wrong, I am happy he was wrong. He was wrong when he said people will not bother us and we will not feel obligated. He was wrong when he said we would not get unannounced drop bys. He was wrong when he said the newness will wear off and people will get used to us being here again.

I have gotten used to the idea of having family and friends close. Family that loves you unconditionally and without doubts. Friends that have known you since before you were someone's parent and in need of parenting yourself. People that love you for the person you want to be and not the person you have been. Now, I cannot imagine things any other way. My boys love their cousins and we love them growing up in such a great place. With all that said, I am not kissing up to those that were generous enough to lend their precious weekend time to our ice storm damage clean up. I am merely counting my blessings. Our new yard was a mess. The idea of over an acre and a half was very appealing when we decided to move. The idea of my boys exploring the woods and going on nature walks was very exciting. Of course, I had not imagined their first nature walk to be one while watching Uncle Matt pull trees out of our yard with his truck. G loved playing with the little sticks while the big boys built a fire to burn the big sticks. Papa tended the fire while the rest of the gang hustled and cleaned up the mess in no time. I lucked out and stayed inside with the Babes.


A Buns Life said...

I could use some firewood!

Angela: mom2girlsgirlsgirls: said...

Thanks for the welcome at cre8Buzz. I live in SE KS, originally from Wichita...we're practically neighbors. We definitely shared the same ice storm.
I hope all is leveling (is that a word???) out for you-

piper of love said...

I can relate, yes I can.

Having lots of family and people around is a great thing... as long as you can get them to leave you alone too. Yeah right, right!


Huckdoll said...

Yes, I all my family is within a 10 minutes drive - give or take a few members. We like our space though and we all respect it. It's a good arrangement.