Thursday, February 28, 2008

Lessons Learned

It is a big scary world out there. Especially when you are a preschooler trying to find your way. My little man learned two very valuable lessons today. I thought I would share them so you all can take advantage of his new found wisdom.

Lesson Number 1:
Kittens should look both ways before running across the street!

While getting in the car at Nana's, the neighbor kittens paid us a visit in the driveway. The Babe was already in the car while Little Man enjoyed frolicking with his new furry friends. Squeaks and Screeches ensued, and even Little Man giggled a bit. The two kittens soon tired of the play and began their journey home across the street. Imagine the next part in slow motion. I have buckled in giggling Little Man, I see a truck out of the corner of my eye, Nana screams go go go, I turn my head...thump.

Little Man then asks "Did that kitty hit the truck?". That is one way to look at it.

I hop in the driver’s seat to get out of there to avoid any major psychological distress when Little Man says to me "Mommy, that is why we look both ways".

Lesson Number 2:

Just to mess with Mommy, hope in the revolving door before her. Then stop moving so the door stops. Get stuck in revolving door limbo to see if mom took her meds today.

So my mom needed some docs from her former doctor here so she can proceed with her biopsy in DC. The boys and I ran over to the office and grabbed said docs without much trouble or angst. Our new and improved surgery center has a fancy revolving door similar to the picture. I mention to Little Man we are headed to the store next. He is very excited about the prospect of getting "chewies" and runs to said door. I "holler" in my most composed inside voice to tell him to slow down and hold my hand. My request has fallen on deaf ears. This disturbs me; not only because I know what will happen next, but because we were just at the same surgery center Monday for a hearing check on the same boy for his tubes. Hearing test, great. Listening test; not so great. So Little Man is in one section of the door while I debate to go into the next one or try to coax him back to me. I choose to move. I would rather have him inside than outside by himself. My movement causes his section to move. He continues to move. I am now outside and he is back in. I took my meds today so I am still smiling; so is everyone else inside. They must be, you usually don’t hear laughter like that without smiles. At first Little Man thinks it is funny but slowly begins to panic. The handy security guard pops in and gently moves him along. Upon arrival outside we are all three smiling while I provide a quick and firm reminder to hold mommy's hand.

Walking to the car Little Man says "Mommy, let's call Daddy, he will think that was funny". Fortunatly he did and did not threaten to take away my parental rights...yet.

Moral of the story: Hold Mommy's; um...the boy's hand.


lattemommy said...

Oh, dear. I'm so glad the kitten story didn't totally traumatize your little guy. It traumatized me! Good to hear that he got the lesson without the psychological damage, though!

And the revolving door story is great! hee hee

. . . Dallas Meow . . . . >^^< . . . said...

looking both ways
applies in so many areas of life