Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ode to Joe

In honor of my father's 60th birthday I thought it was only appropriate I write about him. When I was little I thought it was funny that his birthday was three days after mine; that whole chicken and the egg then. Now it is just another conformation (in the stars maybe?) on why and how we are so alike. I am a daddy's girl at heart. Coming from a divorced family I did not spend much time with my traveling Coast Guard father when I was in grade school or junior high but began to make up for lost time in High School. I am definitely an apple that fell from his tree (much like my brother and now my first born) and feel most of my best traits were inherited from my dad. We are not ones to get too mushy so rather than get too sentimental I have provided a list of items that I have learned or inherited from the man. This list is in no particular order because they are all traits that make us great!

1. My fabulous red hair.
2. My green eyes.
3. My tall, thin frame.
4. My ability to swim
(thanks for the backyard lessons)
5. My love of the beach
(thanks for the summer vacations)
6. My ability to embellish a story just enough
to make it exciting and believable.
7. My sense of humor ((I am funny, just ask me)
8. My healthy cynicism.
9. My patience.
10.My education ambitions.
11.My love of oldies.

Even at my age and stage in life I still want to make my father proud. I am not sure if he knows what an influence he has been and continues to be in my life. I love to sit with him and listen to his stories. He has had an interesting life and has fascinating stories to tell about his travels and lessons he has learned along the way. As I get older I face the issue of my parents mortality and wonder if I will ever fully appreciate what they have sacrificed to have children. My mom told me I would never really get it until I became a mother and she was right (sorry mom, this is not about you today, you will have your turn in April). My boys are so lucky to be surrounded with good male role models in their lives. My boys love their G-daddy and I love to watch them play together. Today, Dad, know that you are loved and appreciated today and ever day! Thanks for being a great dad!

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Sis said...

Sis, you were born 3 days before dad not after........goofy!! Very sweet ode to dad! Ditto to you dad! KKLL