Thursday, January 17, 2008

Keeping up with "The Joneses"

I can't even keep up with blogging entries for my real estate site(s); how am I going to keep up with my own blog? It all started when my friend sent me a link to her new blog and my space page. I have to admit, I think My Space is a pretty useless thing, but I liked the idea of a blog. It is like a journal, but I might actually keep it up as I am always in front of my computer. I looked at my friend's new endeavors as just another way she is more of a super mom than I am; being able to juggle it all...and blog! Then another friend sent me her blog link. Now it is getting to me; if this girl can do it, so can I:). I mean come on, she is some sort of rocket scientist by day (really, check out her site), and a super mom and wife by night. So here I am. I have high hopes, mainly that this does not become a disappointment.

1 comment:

The Rev. said...

Well, look-ah what I found! Post numbah one!

Worry not, you've not become a disappointment!

Myspace is completely and utterly useless...unless you happen to have a band to promote.