Tuesday, January 22, 2008

"Mommy, Are you complaining?"

How can a 2.5 year old be so observant? As I am "reloading" the dishwasher Sunday night I must I mumbled under my breath something about "who loaded this dishwasher?". Obviously the 2.5 year old didn't, and unless Beau baby has developed well beyond his 13 months, I think the winner is the man. I really should do a better job telling Brad how much I appreciate his help. That is what he got from me after he hung out with the boys at our house with a friend and his son while I had a girl’s late afternoon out with friends. Of course, I apologized, but it was already out there. No wonder he doesn't make the bed!

When I think about all the things that bug me like reloading the dishwasher I have to remind myself of the funny and sweet things my boys do that make me laugh:

Tonight while I was putting Gannon to bed I was being the bugger police (what mom isn't) and he told me "mom, you can't pick your friends' nose".

This morning when Brad asked Gannon who his best buddy is Gannon said "brother".

Yesterday morning Gannon wanted to pee outside and when Brad told him it was so cold his penis would fall off he ran inside and said "mom, I lost my penis". When he pulled his pants down to pee in the toilet he wiped his forward and said "whew, there it is"

Count your blessings!

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