Friday, January 18, 2008


Remember when you found out you were expecting a child? Remember the wonder of what they would look like; eye color, hair color, will they look like you or your spouse...etc. Of course I wanted a red head. Not two, just one please. I got a blond and an even blonder. Green eyes please. Both blue as the sky like their daddy's. (watch out ladies:) I certainly did not want them to act like me; one does and one does not. Maybe the one that acts like me only does because he is two and a half; so the jury is still out. So what were my children blessed with from their Mama? The propensity to get sick. I was sick all the time as a kid.;I had strep throat all the time. Finally at fifteen I had my tonsils removed and haven't had an issue since. I had Kawasaki Disease when I was in kindergarten; that was fun. Enough about me, back to my boys. Gannon started the week with a double ear infection. This is getting old since he had tubes put in at fifteen months, but have fallen out in the last couple of months. We are considering tubes again if this continues, as we have had four ear infection since November. Beau baby had been drooling a lot which we all attributed to teeth since his disposition was so good and he had no other symptoms. Well, Wednesday night as I was putting him to bed I noticed he was warm (try 103!) and was having trouble breathing. I am no stranger to the breathing trouble since my Beau baby had RSV at 9 weeks of age. Fortunately this was not that severe but enough to get my attention. A trip to our favorite pediatrician, Dr. Sara Caffey, Thursday morning confirmed strep (he had the funky strep breath Tuesday morning but I thought it may be morning breath:) an ear infection, and wheezing. Prescription of the same meds brother is on for the ear and the strep and a take home breathing treatment. Now about that breathing treatment. I have to hand it to the designers of the children's masks. The dinosaur design is very cute; however, I don't think my boy really cared. He wants no part of that thing on his face. Hopefully as he gets older he will be more understanding...right. It is funny how differnet they are when they are sick. G has no symptoms but acts like a jerk. B has every sysmtpom and acts like a peach! So this week has been pretty much a loss. Brad and I have tag teamed staying home so we can get some work done but we have not been productive.

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