Friday, January 2, 2009

Who you callin' fragile?

picture1Yesterday hubs and I drove the boys about an hour north of town to some land where hubs hunts.  Not only did Brad need to pick up his blind, we thought it would be fun to explore the 80 or so acres with the boys.  It wasn't too cold but when the wind whipped I was happy that we all had on our hats.  We parked the truck in front of the gate and got out.  The boys were easily excited about having to climb said fence and quickly flew over it before I had time to even spot them.  Hubs had mumbled something about forgetting his boots and I thought nothing of it until I saw the creek and realized that although I wore my gortex, the boys did not.  We found a spot where we could cross the creek and keep the boys dry but not without effort.  Where would the fun be if this was effortless?  Brad heads down the approximately eight foot cliff first.  Not a big feet for an adult but you can imagine Little Man's horror when I told him he was next.  LM was next, the the Babe without a sound.  Now it is mama's turn.  Brad laughed at me as I slid down on my backside which initiated a chorus of laughter from the guardians of my honor.  What happened here?  I thought my boys were supposed to laugh with me, not at me!  So we head to the wood line to get Brad's gear and the boys get distracted by the cows that occupy the land.  Brad steps it up and we tell him we will just catch up.  The boys and I hang out with the cows and talk about four wheeling on the land and camping and such.  About this time Brad is back and laughs.  He seems to think I need to be toughened up before bringing the bikes or ATVs out here.  I guess he is under the assumption I am a little too fragile for such things!  Not that I am keeping score, but I reminded him about the 18 or so months I have given of my body to carry his children, then the two days of labor I gave up to give birth to them (there is a reason God has the women do the childbearing).  If I had the pictures of the inside of my knee with me at the time, I would have pulled them out to illustrate what I overcame before and after two knee surgeries.To bring the point home, I merely pulled up my sleeves and showed him the guns I had acquired over the last 3.5 years picking up our boys that currently weigh 80 pounds together, and "playfully" punched him.

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