Thursday, January 29, 2009

By George I Think He Got It

puzzle20pieceWe were listening to the radio in the car this morning with the boys in the back.  The DJ requests that the women listeners call in and tell him if they liked to be considered mysterious.  The question was whether or not the claim was good or bad.  Hubs turns to Little Man and says "do you think brother is mysterious?".  Little Man says yes in fact, brother is mysterious, after which he proceeds to ask "what does mysterious mean daddy".  Hubs describes the term as meaning "difficult to understand".  Little man confirms what he had already stated about his baby brother and then added "my states puzzle is mysterious too daddy".

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staciesmadness said...

omygoodness...that is REALLY CUTE! I love kids, they are so literal!

I think mysterious is a good thing and disagree on the "hard to understand" totally...or maybe I am just hard to understand and want mysterious to really mean sexy or something uber cool. :)

So, for your 'bout W