Monday, January 12, 2009

What was your answer?

So what do you think is wrong with this picture?  Did you think it was that some of my stuff is in German?  Maybe you thought it was the fact that there are only about 118k miles on a car that is nearly 25 years old.  Oh, you didn't know the car was that old?  For those of you that know how neurotic I am, you may have thought it bothers me that the little silver cap is off one of the gauges.  Nope, not it either.

So what could possible bother me so much that I felt it warrants a photo and post?  I will tell you!  There is a gauge behind the steering wheel that I find very important.  A gauge that tells me when I need to stop and take care of something vital to whether I will reach my destination.  If I can not see the gauge, how will I know to stop?

Here is the deal.  I can see about half of the gas gauge from my driver's seat vantage point.  What the hell?  I have to lean to the right ever so slightly to verify that the light is not on.  I know, I should not wait that long to fill up.  I wouldn't have to if I could see the gauge better!  Germans.  What do they know.

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