Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Ramblings from the Road

· The Elmo toy that Daddy’s says is too annoying to take on the plane certainly isn’t as annoying as The Babe screaming ELMO! ELMO! on said plane.

· You never poop alone. Little man had to poop so daddy took him to the bathroom. When he finished daddy instructed him to wait so daddy could go. Upon completion Little Man says to Daddy in the hollows of the men’s room “I like your poop Daddy”. I heard the roar of laughter in the boarding area. I guess the men’s room was full.

· Not everyone on the plane is going to Papa Johnson’s house Little man. Just to be sure though, we should ask everyone as they depart the plane.

· The five Ps. Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. When going to downtown DC from Leesburg, it is probably a good idea to leave more than two hours before nap time. It might take Daddy that long to find a parking space.

· After arriving to your destination, remember to get your driver’s license back from your traveling partner. You will need it when you get pulled over doing 42 in a 25 at dinner time with two screaming children in the back seat. Good thing I showered that day, clean hair goes a long way when talking your way out of a ticket.

· Borrow a suitcase from your hosts for your return flight to avoid the ridiculous 80.00 fee for having a bag that is ‘slightly” over the weight limit. WTH? The idea is to limit the mount of bags we have not add more; we already had the car seats and the computer bag….I guess one more bag to carry won’t kill Daddy.

· I love going to Grandparent’s homes…the never run out of food; which is good for my youngest that seems to be asking for more from the minute he wakes until he goes down. I know he is asking for more because he not only says “more” but uses the sign to make sure I get it.

· Benedryl does not work for all children; it makes some more awake than ever!

· I realize The Babe is irresistible fellow passengers, but please, try to refrain from flirting or playing with him while I am obviously trying to get him to sleep! (I am so guilty of this so I am being paid back I am sure)

· Officer, is it really necessary to stop us during our three hour drive home from the airport at 1:00 in the morning? I realize we have a taillight out, but your flashing lights have woken my children that finally went to sleep. I guess you felt pity for us, knowing we would have to drive with the screaming, so you overlooked our expired out of state plates. Thanks for nothing.


Law Student Hot Mama said...

How do you get pulled over twice in one trip? That's extraordinarily lousy luck.

amy t sharp said...

Benedryl does not work for my son either...sorry bout some of the cruddy bits :)

LaskiGal said...

Oh no . . . I had to laugh and shake my head the entire time I read this . . . poor you. What a trip. The pooping story is hilarious, can't lie. At least you weren't the one in there :)

SabrinaT said...

What a vacation for you (and daddy) Good thing you got out of all those tickets!