Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Pay it Forward Contest Results

Today is the day! I had three entries which is good for those involved because the odds were in their favor! You will be happy to know we did some shopping in DC this weekend and added some cute new stuff to the pot for size 24 months.

Here are the three names in the drawing:

Marie Bingham
The Mom Babe
Solomon Girls

After watching the video Little Man wanted to know "who is that? who is in there?" I guess I don't sound like myself on video!


A Buns Life said...

They are too cute!

Honeybell said...

That was adorable, I loved little guy taking off with the winner!

Law Student Hot Mama said...

*sigh * My 8 month old wears 24 months. All I do is buy new kid clothes! CONSTANTLY!

The MomBabe said...

woot-woot! I won!

P.S. your boys are adorable!