Saturday, April 5, 2008

Chemo Chronicles-Cycle One Day Two

Today the plan is to keep things low key. The nurse told mom if she was going to have a "bad" day it would be Sunday. I compared t to a car wreck; the third day is usually the day that the pain sets in. The nurse said if anything mom will begin to come off the anti pain and nausea meds and be tired. I did not want mom to over do it today so we decided to do some light shopping while Daddy and Papa Johnson took the boys to the Air and Space Museum. I love DC; so much to do and most of it is free. Almost makes me want to move here; almost.

So the first stop on our agenda is the wig lady. Ironically the wig lady, Bobette, is from my home town of KC! We called her yesterday and she seemed very excited to meet peeps from her home town. She and her husband moved here two years ago with Sprint and she has run her business out f her home for about a year. Bobette has a rich family history with a mother that worked for the USDA in KC and was voted Business Person of the year a few years back, a father that was inducted into the Negro Baseball Hall of fame as an umpire, a jazz singing brother that sang back up for Barry Manilow, and a daughter that was recruited to the WNBA as a player for UMKC. Oh, and she used to be married to a KC Chiefs player. Remember the last post that said my mom and I are talkers...we were only with Bobette a couple of hours but we left with a new best friend!

Back to the wigs. We decided to shop for wigs while mom still had hair. The last thing I would want to do while loosing my hair is to look for more. Not only would I be insecure, but worn out. Shopping early allows mom some time to get it cut, colored, and styled. I would love toe like Dolly Parton and have my hair done for me while I get ready then just pop a different identity on each day.

We tried on a few different colors and styles Mom opted for two wigs that closely match her current color; one short and one a little longer. She wore the shorter one out the door to get used to it. I was surprised how real it looked and felt.

After the wig lady we headed to old Leesburg. I love little towns like this; quaint with little boutiques and pubs. Shop owners that know the regulars by name and the best local bakeries. We stop at a little thrift store I like as well as a children's boutique and a dress shop. We had some retail therapy and bought the boys some new shoes and clothes for the fall. I found a handful of items at the thrift store too. Mom didn't find much for herself but I am not convinced that is why she went; I think she just needed to get out and feel "normal".

Mom was in great spirits today, Every now and then she would act winded and need to sit down and drink some water. I reminded her on a number of occasions to not over do it. When she was done she told me it was time to go home. She said she did not want to nap today to make sure she slept through the night; last night the storied made her a little restless and the Benedryl didn't seem to help with sleeping. We will see how it goes tonight.


Xbox4NappyRash said...

remarkable chronicle, it feels a bit odd to be even reading it.

Good luck and best wishes to yo all.

Heydt Wylie Family said...

hugs to you and your family.
i said a prayer for you guys today in church. love to you. hang in there. K

Putz said...

the very saturday your mom is having her appointment, my dad had a massive heart attack, stroke and pnemonia, and bladder infection, so pray for himm that it won't be long before he passes, and i'll pray for your mom that she will have a full recovery

Nissa said...

It sounds like your mom is keeping a positive attitude, which is so essential in recovery. My prayers are with your family.

Her new wigs are cute! I had no idea they could look so natural!

Anna said...

Glad to hear your mom is trying to stay positive! Sending you hugs from Wisconsin to you and your family!

Our Crooked Tree said...

Nappy: you know nothing is sacred in the blog world...but you know that:)

Wylie Fam: Thanks for your thoughts and prayers, we need them. ♥

Putz: I am so sorry to hear about your father. I pray that he does not suffer long.

Nissa: Thanks for the prayers! I was surprised about the wigs too; I was worried she would look like a q-tip but it was the opposite!

Anna: Thanks so much we need all we can get!

Amy said...

I wish your mom well. She is beautiful and looks great in these wigs! =)

Pete said...

My senior year of college, my father was diagnosed with lymphoma and had to undergo several months of chemotherapy, and I can specifically recall how, above all else, the hair loss bothered and embarrassed him.

It's odd how dramatically a hair piece or a hat can alter a person's attitude/outlook on their situation; I suppose it's really that loss of feeling or looking normal that can be most difficult to cope with.

I hope everything goes well with you and your family!

-The Rev.