Monday, August 25, 2008

I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

I have had writer's block lately. We have been really busy; trying to cram the last few days of summer in before it's actual end date has distracted me from my writing. Not only am I preoccupied, there really has been very little to motivate me to write. Until yesterday.

One of my oldest and dearest friends is a hair stylist. Funny thing about me and hubs; we have been good friends with all of our hairstylists. We have pondered which comes first; friend or hair. After all, you need to get in good with the folks that you trust with what may be your prized possession. While in college in SWMO before I met hubs, I worked as a receptionist for a salon. I became friends with a few of the stylists but when I moved to NC I lost touch with them. There was Kathy in KC. Brad and Kathy went way back. When I moved back to KC and met Brad, I was lucky enough to met my new hairstylist that quickly became my friend. There was Nikki in Florida. Nikki owned the house we bought in Florida. When we did the final walk through with her hubs, I asked what they did for a living. He worked for FedEx and Nikki was a stylist. Although Nikkie refused to come in her old home for at least six months, in fear of an emotional breakdown, I got to know her in the chair and we became fast friends. Now back in SWMO, I reunited with my one time friend/co-worker Jeena. Not only did I work with Jeena, but hubs went to high school with her and her hubs works at the fire department with my brother in law.

The reason I am taking you down hair lane is so you understand that these women are not just stylists; they are my friends. So it should come as no surprise to you that upon arriving at Jeena's house yesterday for my appointment, I entered her lower level salon addition and went upstairs to the kitchen to find her. The salon and house were silent when I got there so I had checked the book to make sure I had the day and time right. I noticed Jeena had lots of time on her book before me open and then after my appointment as well. I looked forward to a leisurely cut and blow dry and maybe time to talk with a friend I don't see enough. I walked to the kitchen thinking she may be making herself something to eat, as it was around the lunch hour.

As I said "hello", I heard a little giggle and saw my good friend appear from behind the wall that separates the kitchen and living room. I guess her fire man husband was not at the station that day. The beauty of moving her business to her home is she get to keep more of what she makes and she gets to spend more "time" with her family.

I giggled and asked if her hubs was home then I heard a high pitched "hello" from the other room. Although Jeena and I scurried to the salon, fire man later appeared a little glassy eyed and anxious for me to leave. Much to their dismay, Jeena's next client arrived early, even before I got out of the drive way.


Putz said...

was she professionally courteous????that is all i want to know

carrie said...

Oh no . . . busted! ;) Good thing you got their before her client did!

mommaof4wife2r said...

my first stop here has me laughing my butt off at the cartoon. i don't know why it's so funny this morning, but it is! thanks for the laugh!!

Momo Fali said...