Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Manicures, Pedicures, Massages, Oh My!

I love to get massages. Not the kind my husband gives me. Although they are good, it is not like the kind you pay for. My father in law in a massage therapist. He really is more of a massage repairist. He does a lot of work on folks with chronic issues or injuries. You would think it would be nice to have him around at our every whim, but my mother in law has to pay someone else to rub her down. I feel bad asking, but there are times I ask my father in law to work on a kink I might have. I have yet to get a full massage from him. Something about him rubbing on my nakedness and then eating a meal with him seems odd to me.

The thing I don't like about getting a massage is the talking. Yes, I am a talker, but when I am naked and being rubbed on by a seemingly total stranger, I kind of want silence. I am not sure if I give off the impression I want to talk, or if I just talk out of naked nervousness. I really just want to lay there and listen to the "soundscapes soundtrack" and smell the lavender oil. What I usually leave with is more info about the therapist's love life than their own family and feeling like I was hit by a bus.

To aid in my dilemma, I have decided to go to one of those massage places where they don;t speak English. When I told hubs my idea he laughed and said, "I am not sure that place gives the type of massage you are looking for".

I got my idea the other day when I spoiled myself with a 35 dollar pedi. In preparation for my trip to FloriBama, I needed to have pretty toes. As I sat in the chair, feet being beaten up, legs being scrubbed with sugar; I realized this is the way to do it. The only thing I understood from my new best friend was "Very ticklish" and a giggle. There were no expectations; on either of our behalves. The language barrier we experienced gave her the opportunity to work efficiently, and it gave me the opportunity to read a book. A BOOK! One that did not have pictures and had full sentences. One with a complex storyline that will take more than five minutes to finish! A real adult book!

I digress.

Part of me felt bad when she told me the total (35.00) for:

1. The best massage I may have ever had....from a chair too!
2. The best looking toes this side of the mason Dixon.
3. A mani with clear polish.
4. Time to myself...priceless.

To make up for it I gave her a big tip. I just may have to do this once a week. I think I will take my husband's advice though, I don't want to know how, but I think he knows what he is talking about.


Birdie said...

You know I alwyas thought "Why on earth would I need a massage when my man can do it!?!" That was until I had the best shampoo/massage that I'd ever had in my life last time I got my hair cut. My girl wasn't finished so she asked her coworker to wash my hair.I thought oh no - I don't even know this guy and I sure don't want his hands on me but I couldn't cause a scene - then, OH.MY.GOSH. It was the BEST! I thought right then that I needed a shampoo there once a week. I can only imagine a full massage. How bout you tell them you'd rather not talk during the massage if they didn't mind. Seems they should get the hint - RIGHT?? Hey congrats on your #1 Buzz spot!!

The Rev. said...

FloriBama the general locale, or FloraBama, the world-famous bar (situated, of course, on the border of Florida and Alabama)? Either way, well manicured nails are certainly a must!

Hubs may be right...a fair percentage of the non-English massage parlors cater to the male population, but it sounds like you found a good one.

Legs scrubbed with sugar? Hell, I want a massage now! Not sure I could live that one down at home, though... ;)

Tammy Warren said...

Oh me...that all sounds so good. Somewhere on my list is this I know.

I am not so sure I could have my Father-in-Law give me a naked rub down either.

Kimmylyn said...

I love my pedicure time. I love it for the exact same reasons you listed..

JenniBeanV said...

A good pedicure makes me feel like a new woman! I haven't had one in awhile...I think you've inspired me to call for an appointment today!

Ramblin' Red said...

I'm so dying for a good massage right now. My dear, sweet, loving husband (bless his heart) has been rubbing me down with cocoa butter every night because he wants this pregnancy to be the best ever, and it is pleasant (dear, sweet, loving!) BUT it is not a Massage That You Pay For!

LOL about your FIL potentially rubbing your nakedness and then having a meal - yeah, that is why professionally, distance in relations is much better.... elsewise it would feel a bit incestuous, no?

Mrs4444 said...

I'm with you. I hate it when people talk during massages. You can discourage it my answering questions in the smallest number of words possible and by not asking any questions. If all else fails, you could mention it ahead of time at the desk; say something like, "Would you please note that I'm looking forward to the peace and QUIET of my massage today." Come to think of it, I think I have a gift certificate for a massage...

Amy said...

Pedicures are the best! I have never had a massage, but would love one.