Thursday, August 21, 2008

What Happens At The Backyardigans...

Must not be exciting enough for hubs. While Nana and I took Little Man to see the Backyardigans on Sunday, hubs was driving to the state line to get a new cat. Why did he drive to the state line and not to the north side of town you ask? Oh, you mean the north side of town where the Humane Society is located? Well, you see, we had a cat once. Picatso was her name. Hubs and I got Picatso on Valentine's Day in 2001. We were not cat people but really liked little Pic. She was just sassy and feisty enough for us and was super cute. She moved all over the country with us but we had to put her to sleep in Florida. We were about to move back to Missouri when we were told she had feline leukemia. It broke my heart but the vet said the trip back would be too much for her.

We tried to get a new kitty before The Babe arrived. Little Man was about 16 months old and the kitty was too jumpy and bit a lot. I got tired of hearing Little Man say "bite, bite". He got bit enough at daycare; he didn't need to worry about it at home. So Frankie the kitty went to "a friend".

Hubs and I have been debating a new kitty for a while. Little Man really wanted one and when a new one showed up at his friend's home he was dead set on it. Hubs said if it was going to happen then hubs would pick it out. OK fine. Hubs fell in love with a curly haired kitten on line at a Humane Society in Arkansas. The woman said she would even meet him half way; but if she were to go to that trouble we had to be sure. So, hubs drove to the state line and missed the Backyardigans but it was worth the delight on Little Man's face when we came home.

Little Man named our new family member Poco. I thought this was cute since that seems to be the name of all his stuffed animals. All except the two stuffed dogs. Those are named Suzie and Dimitri for my dad and step-mom's dogs.

Poco is such a good girl and the boys are very good with her. Little Man loves to play with her but is still very watchful of The Babe. Today the three of them were playing and Poco was getting excited. Little Man said "Poco, be careful with The Babe, he's my guy" and stepped in between the two.


Putz said...

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Laura said...

He is so cute....I know the boys are surely in love with him! G is such a good big brother.