Monday, March 24, 2008

Who's your Blogger?

I started blogging back in January as a supplement to the journal I keep for my boys. Over the last few months I find myself on line more than with pen and paper. Having owned and operated an Internet based real estate marketing company for the past ten years, I consider myself pretty Internet savvy. With that in mind, I have a new dilemma; although I began my blogging "career" with Blogger, I know there are other platforms out there. I look at this platform thing kind of like Mac versus PC. Am I too analytical for WordPress or Typepad? Am I just far enough along that it is time for me to graduate to another platform? I dream of one day finishing my MBA, teaching at a local university, and hanging out with "the intellectuals" at coffee houses on campus...while blogging about my lectures on my MAC. I have a friend that is extremely talented and artistic; she uses a MAC for design work. I like lists and spreadsheets on my PC. Are there personalities that go with blogging platforms or am I over thinking this. Much like I would love to be a writer or rock star, I know my limitations. Do I know them, or even have them with blogging?

What is your platform personality?


Honeybell said...

I use blogger, and I'm pretty happy with it. On occasion they screw things up (ie comments were a problem for a while) but they seem to fix things when people complain. I've tried wordpress . . . but didn't feel like it had as much flexibility as blogger. However I've seen people who have the reverse complaint . . . so maybe I just wasn't savvy enough to figure it out. Never tried typepad, but those who use it seem to like it!

Huckdoll said...

Most of my blogger friends are on wordpress and adore it. Supposedly it takes about a week to get used to, but the administrative functions on wordpress are fabulous. I even started a wordpress account after seeing the amazing things wordpress can do. I'm pretty happy with Blogger for the time being, but once I buy the URL I want, I will definitely get set up over there. It seems to me that a lot of the more seasoned bloggers are using wordpress. When i first started blogging I hated it, but now it's looking more appealing everyday.