Saturday, March 15, 2008

Time Warp

For those of you that are new here check out this post before reading on. The rest of this will make much more sense.

So it has been almost four weeks since my mom called and told me she had Cancer again. I have not had much to post about this situation because I have no more info today than I did when I found out. Mom had a biopsy two weeks ago this coming Monday. The results showed it was Breast Cancer that had moved to her lungs. The weird thing about this is the fact that there is nothing on her breast and tests come up clear. So the Cancer currently resides in her lymph nodes and lungs; as far as we know. The doctors are baffled at the characteristics of this Cancer and are waiting for a second test to be run by specialists on another part of the biopsy.

Here is where I get frustrated. Weren't the first people to look at the biopsy "specialists" or is that just reserved for certain cases? Shouldn't every patient get a specialist?

Where is the sense of urgency here? It has been almost four weeks and they still have not diagnosed what this is. The sooner we get a diagnosis the faster we can start treatment.

To add to my frustration the insurance company is being a pain in the arse and dictating what types of tests will be run and when. It is unfortunate that my mother's Cancer history causes her issues with future health care. Insurance providers are the devil; I won't even get into my run in with them for one of my knee surgeries.

I try to stay supportive but I want to shake my mom and say "Why aren't you banging on these doors saying give me answers?" She is a grown woman and can take care of herself. Her boyfriend of 14 years can take care of her too. I hate feeling helpless and out of control. I can only imagine how mom feels.

I love creative ways to fight the cause. Mama Source is a community of moms that provides resources for moms on a local and national level. When a new member joins they donate to the Breast Cancer Fund. It is free to join and a great way to join the fight. Many of you already received an invite from me so be sure to forward it on to your friends and family.


amy t sharp said...

please send me an invite to amytsharp (at) gamil (dot) com k? I am roothing for yr mama. xo

Law Student Hot Mama said...

I'm rooting for your mama, too!

My mom had breast cancer a few years ago. I think the oncologists are really cruel . . . hers was supposedly the "best" one and he NEVER called her back with test results or answers. I mean, she'd wait on pins and needles all week and then not get a call by Friday at 5 and she knew he wouldn't call until Monday. Her radiologist, however, would always call her on the weekend and try to reassure her. I just think the way you're treated with a cancer diagnosis is so inhumane. AND LAME!

Xbox4NappyRash said...

I am totally with you on the waiting thing.

I can't stand the idea that doctors or specialists take unnecessary for diagnosis or treatment.

I'm also with you 100% on other people not being as impatient as me when it comes to their treatment.

Get it sorted already!

and as for the health insurance companies...that's my only serious problem with the US.

Best of luck to you and your mother.

A Buns Life said...

so frustrating....You just have to be the biggest P.i.t.a to get anything done and moving...

Amy said...

I wish your mom the best. I will keep her in my prayers, as well. I just wish doctors had a bit more of a human side (some do and some don't). I know medicine is a science, but there are so many feeling involved. They have to consider the person and not just the disease!

I wish the best for her/you!