Sunday, July 26, 2009

Prostitutes and Therapists

normal_zipped-lipsSome of you; ok all of you are probably wondering how I even connected these two professions.  Believe  me, understanding my thought processes is something hubs struggles with everyday.  As they say, "better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool  than open it and prove it"; I too will not go into detail on my madness.

Here is my proposal: If prostitution is illegal; shouldn't therapy be banned as well?  Better yet, just leave the prostitutes alone.

Think about it.

  • We pay both professionals to listen to us talk when they are probably thinking about their grocery list.

  • I imagine that each client takes a little bit of a soul every time the door closes; then on to the next "John".

  • Discretion is of the upmost importance in both industries; you want to gain the trust of your clientele for repeat visits.

  • We pay them to make us feel better about ourselves and the decisions we make .

  • The best of each bunch share their drugs with us.

  • Those that have excelled in their trade; whether through training or education even get paid more for less time.

It's genius isn't it?  Maybe madness?


Uli said...

Genius! I've felt the same way for years. At least, until I stopped visiting prostitutes and that nasty outbreak went away!

Jason said...

The only difference I'd see is that a therapist isn't at risk for HIV with every transaction.

ourcrookedtree said...

@Uli: the fact that you agree just proves I am a nut job and may need a therapist after all:)
@Jason: You present a valid point; but the therapist has their own committing themselves! I am sure they both feel just as dirty after each appointment.

Fred said...

Does that include massage therapists? If so, I feel that I must raise my rates....

ourcrookedtree said...

@Fred: not all massage therapists....but certainly you:) You are like the bartender/therapist/doctor all in one. You need to charge more for less time.

melissa said...

ok, see...i think you're a genius. or perhaps a little nuts.