Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Milk Cow Blues .......and A Contest!

cowYou would have thought he had severed a digit the way he was throwing a fit. For those of you with small children, you know the fit I am talking about. It starts out innocently enough, bottom lip puckers out, eyes squint, and then the tears come. You quickly go into diversion mode to try to avoid escalation. No good. He is on to me and will not have any substitute for what he wants. What could he possibly want you ask? His blanket? A popsicle? A cookie? Heck no, that would be too easy. This kid wants string cheese. I make every effort to avoid this very scenario by anticipating a low stock of dairy in the fridge. I have to say my boys eat more dairy than any other food group. They start each morning with a snack of chocolate milk and string cheese. Upon waking they come into our room and say “I want chocolate milk and string cheese Mommy”, as if I do not already know that.

As we prepared for our recent weekend trip to visit the family in The Lou, I decided to wait until our return to restock the fridge and cabinets. As you can imagine, both boys were distraught by the fact that we did not have any string cheese for nearly four days! When I told them last Wednesday I would go to the store when we got home, they asked if Granddaddy had string cheese at his house.

Not only do they like string cheese, Little Man likes a certain kind of string cheese. Not the brand mind you; but the shape. I guess the generic brand I regularly purchase has a favorable shape for his mouth so when I mistakenly bought a name brand he was not happy. Now that I have made that mistake once; he asks every time we get a new bag if it is "the round kind". Chalk one up for the story brand!

Dinner always consists of some sort of dairy or multiple variations. Cottage cheese is a side that is requested often, as well as yogurt for “desert”. Ask Little Man what his favorite dinner is and he will quickly answer “cheesy eggs!”

I know where they acquired their affection for cheese and all things dairy(or their obsession, depends on how you look at it); my grandfather nicknamed me Mickey Mouse at a young age due to my ability to eat my weight in cheese ( I may be exaggerating a bit but you get the idea). I am telling you I could still sit down and eat a whole block of the dairy goodness. (again, go with me)

Today while I was shopping I purchased the usual items but struggled to think of something new. I am hoping you guys can give me some ideas on new ways to incorporate dairy into our meals; after all, there are only so many cheesy eggs I can handle. If you can, make the recipes easy as I have an aversion to the stove and anything that does not come in a package. Oh what the hell; The Man can cook it.

mdc-give-awayFirst person to comment gets a fabulous reusable goodie bag from The Midwest Dairy Council that contains a $25.00 gift card to Price Cutter, a jump rope, recipe ideas, and a coupon! I will then have a random number thingy pick three more winners to receive a $25.00 gift card each to Price Cutter and a coupon!

My kids are getting hungry people and dinner ain't makin itself...

*Don't forget to leave your e-mail addy and url is applicable so I can tell you if you win!


Taylor said...

Did one of their super Heros eat string cheese?

Marianne Eidson said...

Thanks Carie.

megan o said...

I think the boys would like this one...Grilled Apple and Brie Quesadilla with Strawberry Apple Dipping Sauce


Susan Litchy said...

We are making Smoothies using yogurt or milk and all the fresh fruits available now like Peaches, blackberries, blueberries, even red grapes. It's Quick and satisfying.