Sunday, May 3, 2009

People In Glass Houses

glasshouse1I will be the first to admit that I do it. I judge others. I judge the way a stranger parents their child in the grocery store. I judge when I am at that same store and see a parent with her tantrum throwing toddler at nap time. I judge those that judge! I feel a little better about this vice knowing that I make an effort to stop myself from judging others. I do not know their circumstance and I am really no better than any of them. In the end, I need to be more focused on myself and my own family than others.

Like the four year old boy in my family that has decided underwear is optional. I was informed today that underwear and boxers are too "restrictive". Not sure where he heard this. Others may find this odd; I have decided to pick my battles. Who sees under his pants anyway to even know?

We are making every effort to attend one of our church(s) more regularly. Some may find it a little unorthodox that, not only do we allow our boys to wear jeans to church, but we do too sometimes. Just be happy we show up with clothes on at all based on the above.

I strongly dislike living in a town that has such a small degree of separation. Everyone is in everyone's business and they are all trying to impress each other. I do not care what kind of car you drive. I do care though, that both of ours are paid off.

When I was a kid, my grandmother told my mom something that I try to tell myself frequently. 'Fewer people see your home than your children; care for each accordingly.'   After I had children, my priorities naturally switched gears. Although I still go through what seems to be a once a month cleaning frenzy, I am not nearly as neurotic about the dust on my furniture as I am the smiles on my boys faces.

My wish for others is that they too, focus on their own dusty shelves and not those of others. Everyone will be a lot happier.


Jack said...

Who says there's anything wrong with jeans in church? How we dress at church is a social construct meant to impress the Jones' not a Godly one. I love your grandmother's saying.

Heather Dugan said...

Years ago, I got flipped off by a driver for driving too slowly (crying) on the way to my dad's viewing. I remember thinking, "if you only knew..." Since then, I try to remind myself that I don't know the whole story behind anyone's actions. That experience kind of dried up my compulsion to judge. When it threatens to assert itself, I silently list possible extenuating reasons for imperfect behaviors (i.e., the lady who cut me off might have a sick kid in the back seat).

staciesmadness said...

welcome back. :)

I agree with the clothing to church, be happy you are there and who cares what you're wearing. :)

Kim said...

I too am guilty of judging..but as Heather mentioned there is that part of me that has started to put those thoughts to rest quickly..because you just never know someone else's circumstance.. wonderful post Carie..