Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Didn't See This Coming

ar121115993627813It is funny what my "big city" friends and family think of my Midwestern town. To hear them talk, you would think the boys would have to scribble on chalk boards at school rather than with pencil and paper. Hubs took my dad golfing and watched my father's expression change as he drove into the golf community of choice for the afternoon; "what do these people do for a living?" he asked in astonishment. I guess he thought we were just a bunch of hillbillies down here. Mind you, I feel the same way at times but it is kind of like that old saying; "I can talk about my mama but you better not" or something like that.

My little town is kind of a secret treasure. Good schools, good cost of living, plenty of rivers to float and lakes full of fish, it is easy to get around, and extremely family friendly. Funny thing is, I could not stand this place back in my college days. Perception is reality and my priorities, and this town, were different at the time.

I did not start out as a small town girl. Born in Charlotte and raised in Kansas City, I was accustomed to long commutes, big universities, and lots of cultural entertainment. Moving around the country over the last twelve years has afforded me the privilege to live in coastal cities, New England Burroughs, charming southern suburbs, and the occasional Midwestern armpit.

Hubs and I drove up to Kansas City last week to meet with a client. What used to be a miserable three hour drive, has become a not-so-mind-numbing two and a half hour commute to the big city. The visit afforded us the opportunity to visit hub's brother and have drinks with an old friend.

To my surprise, I was not prepared for what else the trip gave me; an overwhelming sense of contentment with my current city of residence.

I did not recognize what had happened until we returned home the next day. As I drove to pick up the boys from school, I was reminded my commute was maybe ten minutes, and that it takes me no more than 15-20 minutes to get anywhere of interest on a daily basis. I would not change my childhood or where I grew up for anything. My time in the city of my youth made me realize how happy I am that we chose our current city for my boys to grow physically and mentally.

Don't get me wrong, I get nostalgic for my former life on the coast. I long for Autumn days shopping on the Plaza in Kansas City. I miss driving through the Blue Ridge Mountains on a whim. Those are all great places for me to take my boys on vacation; I may stick it out here for a while. Who knew this gypsy would settle down?


Kim said...

I often find myself with those same realizations..

ramblin red said...

It has taken me far too long to actually update my feed for you....Things have been busy to say the least that blogging, the writing and the reading of others', has taken back burner for quite some time.

All that to say, I could have written this exact post...sorta. I always WANTED to live in the urban areas but never quite did, and now I love my suburban existence. Mostly what I could have written this about was my transition from WOHM to SAHM - I did not see it coming that I would fall in love with this new lifestyle, but here I am loving life with my kiddos. It is all the further sweetened after having been in the hospital for pneumonia (that complicated and resulted in emergency surgery) for the past 12 days. This first 30 some hours of being back home has been blissful despite the 5 inch incision that is healing on me.

coltempo said...

i'm still in the gypsy stage, i think. going from kansas city to boston for college, back and forth, back and forth got me in a rhythm of short spurts in several places. now i get powerful urges to visit bigger cities (memphis is big and all but man, there's certainly no boston MFA or baltimore aquarium or kansas city nelson-atkins here...) every couple of weeks. i just need a bump in my bank account so i can act on those impulses!

Jason said...

I'm still gypsy...it's just that this gypsy's bank account doesn't allow for much roaming around these days. :)

I'm sure at some point you'll get some gypsy in you again. :)