Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Nowhere To Run Baby; Nowhere to Hide

3036_1129411389707_1059872422_966772_8010125_nBefore I actually visited a Hooter's restaurant I would have thought the place was a brothel where dirty old men sat drooling at young buxom women while they serve frothy beer in cold mugs.

Now that I have been to a Hooter's, I know that there are young men there too!

All kidding aside; our local Hooter's has great food. The boys love the grouper bites, I love the crab legs, and hubs loves the fact that we like the food. We have taken the boys there a few times in an effort to look less perverted, and always leave satisfied.

During our latest visit, we met Catalina. Catalina is a friend of our good friend Claudia. Claudia has just left to go back to Spain after visiting us for about a week. As you can see from the picture I took, hubs and The Babe are more than happy with the situation. Little Man, on the other hand is a little pouty. Seems Little Man has a new aversion to pretty girls. When Claudia came to visit from Spain I called to him
"Little Man, Claudia is here", to his response "Mom, I know", and then he ran and hid under his bed. My brother in law will bring his girlfriend over for a visit; where do you think Little Man will be found?

From the look on his face in this photo, you would have thought we popped the Hooter's balloon he had. He was just bummed there was no place to hide!


staciesmadness said...

hahaha...popped the hooters balloon...k, my mind when to a different kind of balloon popping.


buzzeedad said...

You do know that Fury celebrated his 4th, 5th, 6th AND 7th birthday at Hooters, right? You didn't? Well I guess you just don't know how skilled the Hooters girls are at sitting down and coloring with him. Which is the only reason he goes. And I go for the wings...