Friday, November 21, 2008

Should She Stay or Should She Go Now

A while back hubs and I decided it was time to add to our family. The boys love their Nana's cat and since we lost our cat a couple of years ago to cancer we thought it was time. We brought Poco home in August and the boys were thrilled to say the least. Little Man calls her baby and cuddles with her while watching movies and The Babe loves to chase her. Poco is the most laid back kitty I have ever seen and she puts up with just about anything the boys can "throw" at her.

In our effort to be good kitty parents, we took Poco to the vet a couple of weeks ago to get her fixed. I know there is a more scientific term for this, but I use the word fixed. After all, something must be wrong with her right? While she was in for the overnight, we thought declawing the front paws wood be beneficial as well. Beneficial for hubs favorite leather recliner that is.

Poco stayed at the vet for observation and came home the next day. We were instructed that we had to switch her conventional litter to this crappy plastic covered stuff that looks like the ends of shoe laces. This of course, was to prevent littler from entering her freshly severed fingers. She communicated her disgust with the new litter by peeing in Little Man's bathroom. Then in our bathroom. Then on the carpet in our master bedroom.

I got over the bathroom incidents; it is tile and it cleaned easily. I am not over the carpet. For those of you that have never smelled cat pee. Be glad. It reeks. The peculiar thing about this fact is that hubs has a nose that seems to be immune to the smell of cat pee. He told me I was crazy and must have skipped my meds. Then I found the spot. Maybe mommy not so crazy (read this in a high pitched foreign tone for effect)?

We swapped her litter back to the old stuff when instructed it was ok. That seemed to do the trick with the peeing in non designated locales. I thought she was just litter picky. However, today she pooped on the tile floor in the living room! She is so lucky she did not do it on the suede couch!

What would I do if The Babe pooped on the floor while we are potty training? Send him to the pound? I realize the cat is not my child but what example am I setting for the boys if I send her outside or elsewhere? Will they somehow think I won't love them if they have accidents?

Maybe hubs was right. I must have missed my meds.


Jason said...

That's one pi...

No, I can't make the easy angry cat joke here.

Did your vet give you any suggestions as to the cause?

Mrs4444 said...

I'd try talking to the vet about it, and I'd be inclined to get rid of the cat if the vet's answers don't help. Sorry.