Monday, November 24, 2008

On Being Prepared

Hubs is an outdoors man. If it requires tackle, ammunition, a boat, a gun, sun screen, or bug spray, the man is all about it. Living in Florida his favorite past time was of shore fishing. Although I enjoyed this sport as well, I enjoyed what I like to call "Cadillac fishing". This entails someone else bating my hook and telling me when to reel it in. The reeling is the best part.

Now that we are back in Missouri, hubs can get his outdoor on all year long and enjoy a variety of sports. For those that are not up on the latest hunting seasons, I will tell you we are currently in deer season. Deer season lasts a couple of weeks, at which time I loos my husband each morning from about 3-8 am. This is his opportunity to "get green" and go to the solitude of the woods. With his trusty bow and arrow, and whatever else he needs, hubs heads to some land about an hour away from the house. So far this year he has come home with no deer. He has, however passed many on the way home and be welcomed home by them on our front yard. He even has his rack on the back of the truck "in case" he gets one. Looks like odds are better he will hit one on the way home than shoot one with an arrow!


Jason said...

Tell him that he can hit it with the car and it will still count. :2cents:

Half-Past Kissin' Time said...

Our hunters have come up short as well; that's odd, isn't it??