Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The $35.00 toy plane

Sunday I took Little Man to see High School Musical 3. He loves the first two and has been telling me for days that the new HSM and new Madagascar are coming to theaters soon. He had been a very good boy all weekend and I really wanted some one on one time with hom so this was a perfect opportunity. Although Daddy is a little distraught by Little Man's affinity for musicals, I think it is cute when he says turn on the music, I want to dance! I remind Brad that Little Man may be a rock star one day so we need to nurture his interests now.

So he lasted about an hour at the movie when he calmly told me he was done and wanted to play in the theater arcade. I had told him we could play a couple of games after the movie if he was quiet while we were in the theater, so we headed out. We played as many games as we (I) could handle and headed to the prize station with our tickets. To my surprise, we only have enough tickets to get this little plastic airplane with snap on wheels that fell off in the car before we even got home. Were we not good at the games, or do the games not give us enough tickets for our efforts? Maybe the manufacturers need to redefine their market to better determine how many tickets to give the players. Although the tangible payoff was pathetic we had a great time just Mommy and Little Man. It was worth every penny.


Kimmylyn said...

I chuckled. Not at you of course..with you..This happened to me twice.. I swore I would wait until he was in college to take him back to the movies.. Thankfully he loves going to the movies now..we are going to see Madagascar this weekend.. though I will make him wear those horse blinders to not see the arcade area again.. lol

Laura said...

Glad he enjoyed the movie! Sorry about the plane, been there done that and you will probably do it again. Thanks for the comments today, things were looking up and then have taken a somewhat downward turn, butat least he is upright. We thought he would go back to work next Monday, but it looks like it will be after Thanksgiving at least. Just pray for it to heal up, not much else to do.