Sunday, October 5, 2008

I really should take a list

You know how you go to the store for one thing and you come out with over twenty? You know how you may even go in with a list and you completely deviate from it? Ever since I was pregnant with Little Man some four years ago I have had issues with grocery shopping.

When I was pregnant with Little Man it never failed. I would go to the store with or without a list and I would come home with a bottle of ketchup in the loot. I very rarely need ketchup, but was never able to realize, that if it was not on the list I did not need it. I just felt drawn to the ketchup. Heaven forbid I have a ketchup craving that goes unsatisfied in the wee hours of a pregnant morning!

Now I go shopping and I find myself drawn to the toilet paper and paper towels. Mind you, we do go through both like wildfire in this house, I just feel like a hoarder. We may not even need a paper product but I find myself perusing the aisle like a termite looking for dinner.

I get home and realize I have no room for more paper products. All the bathroom cabinets are full and I have no more room to squeeze another paper towel. Will the madness ever stop?


Putz said...

you are mad you know, you need pycholigal counseling..that is differerent from pshychlogical both miss spelled...paper products are not as important as foooood...go to putz and see 10 weeks of toliet paper wasted...i' m serious...mummys wrapped up in toliet paper

Casey said...

We do the same thing with paper towels and toilet paper. We never get low because we always have at least two cases of each in the garage. I guess it's not a bad problem to have though.

I try to make a list when I shop and it always ends up on the counter. Then I have to "phone a friend" and call my husband to have him go over it with me from the store.

Jenni Jiggety said...

LOL! I do the SAME thing! And then I will make a conscious decision NOT to uy more paper towels and before I know it? BAM! We're out of paper towels and I am cursing myself...

Kimmylyn said...

I am not even kidding when I tell you I JUST had this conversation with a friend.. I always come home with pasta.. or marinade.. something I ALWAYS don't need..

I wish I had a solution..but I sooo don't..