Monday, September 22, 2008

Sleeping Single In A Double Bed

Hubs and I have been apart from each other very little in the eleven years we have been together. We met at work and began dating shortly after and then he stole my spare key. Not one that likes to cook, I didn't mind the spare closet taken over when I found out what a great cook he was. We carpooled because we worked together and then we started a business together that allowed us to work from guessed it...together. Some ask us how we do it. I ask how others don't do it. Going back to work outside of the home this month has been very strange. Not only do I miss the boys but I miss my hubs. I miss not talking to him on a regular basis. I miss the mundane little things we would share during the day.

This weekend was hubs semi-annual boys weekend on The White. The trip is taken twice a year (hence the term semi-annual) typically when the clocks change. This year the fall trip occurred a little early but not any less deserved. Although this is called a "fishing" trip, this is a time for hubs and 20 of his closets friends and relatives to drink, smoke, cuss, carry on, play cards, not shave for days, and if they have time they may do some fishing.

This trip just gave me one more thing to miss. Sleeping in the same bed as hubs. IT has already been an adjustment to not seeing him during the day, then I had to miss him at night for three nights! The irony of it is that when he is gone, I actually sleep better. I am the type that can pull back the covers and crawl in bed only to wake up in the exact same position as when I laid down. Makes making the bed in the morning very easy. When hubs is here it is not so simple. The covers are all over the place, he tosses, he turns, he snores, I sweat from the heat that radiates off his body. No wonder I don;t sleep well. I do have to admit I tend to stay up later when he is gone, I guess just procrastinating. Funny thing is I get up much earlier too; maybe in preparation for the boys as life is much easier if I am ready before they wake.

So I am torn, miss him and sleep well or have him and sleep poorly. Sleep is overrated I guess; I can sleep when I die.


Veggie Mom said...

I hope you had a cute kitty like the one in your post to keep you company while Hubs was gone! BTW, got a Great New Giveaway going on over at my place, to commemorate my 100th post--please stop by!

ciara said...

i am so used to my husband being gone 12 hours a day that when he's off on vacation, like right now, he can drive me up a wall! LOL i don't know if i could work for him though...most ppl like him for their boss, but he would prob continue being an arse, and i don't like arses LOL

Putz said...

you know that picture{new] that is on your side bar with your boys, is more a look alike picture than the other two i had on putz to my little girl, karen 40,i am astonunded by the alikeness..did you see my tribute to karen, you can catch it at the bottom of the posts on the FIRST PAGE,,,i am sorry your hubs is a strangler{not around}..oh that is a strinager

Casey said...

I say miss him and sleep well. You're lucky that you sleep well when he's not in bed, I can never sleep when my husband isn't home. I stay awake waiting for someone to break in and steal the kids! I know, paranoid.

The Rev. said...

Well, keep your head up, you'll combine powers again soon, I'm sure.

Sounds precisely like the fishing trip I take with my pops, though ours is sadly only annual rather than semi. It's always a bit strange to be drinking beer at 10 a.m.,but the presence of my dad really makes it an odd experience.

Good to see ya again, now that I'm back in the land of the internet! ;)

Mrs4444 said...

I love sleeping with my hubby, too. So far, there's been no serious snoring to send us off to separate bedrooms, thank God :) That said, I do not mind when he goes away for a day or two on business; I can stay up as late as I want :)