Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Cost of a Good Vacation

We all know that sometimes we have to do things we do not want to do so we can do things we want to do. Take for instance hubs semi-annual boys fishing trip. I have never been one of those wives that insists I get something for "letting" him go on these trips. He deserves a break just as much as anyone. He simply takes it upon him self to do some extra honey-dos before and after he gets back. Seems a small price for him to pay to hang out with the guys and not take a razor or toothbrush.

Well this year he had to pay a little more. Karma is a little more of a bitch than I am. The story goes that Allen picked up Brad from the house on Thursday afternoon while I was at work. The two of them were the first to the cabin and opened the Crown. By 2pm they were feeling pretty good. The others arrived and more of the same ensued until midnight when Allen and Brad decided to start fishing early.

The two decided to borrow a boat that was close by and headed down the river in the 50 degree fog. The fog was so thick, I was told Brad could not see Allen at the front of the boat. Midway through the ride Brad has to pee. What to you do if you are a man in a boat and need to pee? Stand up of course. What do you do if you are a man that has to pee in a boat and have had half a bottle of Crown? Fall out of the boat.

Now you have a cold wet man without provisions because he is in a "borrowed" boat. Back up river the two go. Brad realizes his phone was in his pocket. He begins to mumble obscenities and realizes there are no children around so he yells them instead; hoping his hot air will dry his phone. No luck.

Upon arrival to the cabin the two place the borrowed boat back in it's place unharmed and head inside. Brad is on his way to take a warm shower but decides to place his wet phone in the oven on low to dry it out. Brad is a professional phone dryer as this is not his first rodeo.

Allen decided to fall into bed before Brad exited the shower but stopped in the kitchen on his way to his room due to the strange smell. Allen then asked Brad if he meant to push warm or broil.

Gas to get to the river: 75.00
Bottle of Crown: 30.00
New Sprint Instinct: 30.00 with insurance and extended contract

A story the wife can tell forever: priceless


A Buns Life said...

mmmmmm, baked instinct. Was that served over a bed of noodles or rice??

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I've done some adventurous things with cell phones, but this one wins the prize!

Putz said...

lucky he didn't bunr the cabin down

Laura said...

And he is usually so good in the kitchen!

Tony said...

At least you guys are ok :) Sorry we cant say the same for your phone though :) Hey i found a site you might like,

Ramblin' Red said...

Oh my heck...this is hilarious!

Aunt Tammy said...

Where's the PICTURE?????
My sweet nephew didn't throw the evidence away did he?

Hot Rocks said...

Guys!! What can you say? I did read recentley,in some boating safety article (in regards to drinking and boating) that males that have drowned, are very often found with their zippers down! What does that tell you? Glad he's safe :)

Trannyhead said...


That sounds like my kind of fishing trip. I will say I'm good at peeing outdoors and haven't ever peed on my shoes. Yes - I'm that hawt.

The Rev. said...


I was thinking he'd simply get left in the river due to the fog...that'd have certainly been quite the predicament.

I'm a die-hard George Dickel Whiskey man, but when the store's out, I go straight for the Crown.

Great story-

Casey said...

Ha, broiled! Talk about the call from hell! Good thing you guys had the insurance, I guess I should probably get it on my phone.

Veggie Mom said...

Well, if you're gonna go fishing, you might as well spend the vay-cay this way! Funny story!!