Friday, September 19, 2008

The Good Ol Days

Remember the good ol days when the only thing your mom made you wear while riding your bike was shoes? Some of use barely made it out the door with a shirt on and many time I would ride while wearing my swimsuit and tennis shoes. We didn't have to wear helmets; that was for wimps! Hubs and I thought it was funny, that while riding bikes at Nana's last week, the boys did not have to wear shoes but had to wear helmets!


Putz said...

do you know it is just as important to protect the feet as the head, your nana need to rethiknk that one out....i had an infected foot for a month but i have never ever had an infected head

Veggie Mom said...

Sometimes I rode my bike in a swimsuit w/o shoes! But I really think the helmets are essential. Remember, though, that if they don't wear their bike helmets on top of their heads, then they won't be protected!