Monday, September 15, 2008

On Being A Role Model

I try to make a conscious effort to think about what I say and do; especially when I am in front of the boys. Little Man is at the age where he repeats everything. He repeats everything. I will say or do something and I will look at Brad and think, there is only one place he learned! As a parent I recognize the boys are my responsibility. What irks me is that other people, adults mind you, do not think about what they say and do in front of others. Take for instance the other day. On my drive home I pass two hospitals. We are very fortunate here to have two excellent places of health care but I am reminded daily why I choose one over the other.

Upon passing my second choice for life saving skills I see a number of men and women in scrubs. These folks are evidently on a break and want to enjoy the weather, even it is raining, while they suck on their cancer sticks. Understand that I don't care if they smoke, just don't run around all high and mighty inside that place that pays your bills telling the common folk to stop smoking because it will kill them, and then go out and smoke. Can we say hypocrite?

You could say I am a little biased about the subject of smoking. My mother smoked for up to 30 years. Although she survived breast cancer nearly 15 years ago she is now on to her sixth month of chemo for lung cancer. I know she quit smoking two years ago but what was the point?

My point is, think about what you are doing and who is watching. If you care. Everyone is a role model, with or without kids. I hate having to explain other people's behavior to my boys. Parenting is hard enough people, ease up on me.


Putz said...

my 59 year old mother died of lung cancer, smoked 2 packs a day and died horribly of lung cancer...maybe the cigarettes had nothing to do with it? ha

Mrs4444 said...

I try to keep my bad habits hidden! (Not that I have any, of course :)

Laura said...

Well said. Let's not even talk about the athletes and the actors that are in our children's faces everyday! Off the subject kinda, sounds like your mom is doing well with the treatment, was glad to hear that.

Colleen said...

Explaining other peoples' bad behavior *IS* a life lesson in and of itself, though. Right?

Heydt Wylie Family said...

It is still legal. Besides it is a perfect time to explain that sometimes people make bad decisions but it is OK to drive by in our cars and judge them.

Kimmylyn said...

I hate that my husband smokes in front of the kids.. drives me crazy.. I totally get this post..

Kateedyd said...

My Grandpa died of lung cancer years ago. he didn't quit until they told him to and had to remove part of his lung. Back then, people didn't talk about lung cancer as much as today.

I too always thought it was weird to see doctors and nurses outside smoking. Growing up, I knew this gave the wrong impression of their profession. There are too many people that don't see the "heroism" in their jobs to set a good opinion. ;o)

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DysFUNctional Mom said...

I work at a hospital and that's a big pet peeve of mine, too. Wanna know who smokes the most?
The respiratory therapists! WTH??