Friday, June 27, 2008

Here to Pump Me Up

Who says you need a gym membership to tone up? The boys had their checkups last week. Little Man is now, at the age of three, 40 pounds and 40 inches tall. The Babe, at 19 months is 30 pounds and 30 inches. Both boys are in the 95th percentile for weight and 75th percentile for height.

(This is my "flex your muscles face". Very muscle mag if you ask me! )

You might notice one of my biceps is a smidgen bigger than the other. I have determined that is the arm I carry Little Man. That, or I am imagining it, which is more probable.

I think it is kind of funny when you hear parents talk about how their kids are in the 95th percentile. Why is it that our competitive nature makes it sounds like this is a good thing? Do I really want to have one of the biggest kids? At least both my boys are "shaped" the same way; it is not like I am neglecting one or over doing it with the other.

I do wonder, though, how this affects our children's body image. One more reason I am thankful I have boys, I just don't think the same pressure is there for them as there is for girls. Although I struggle with my own body image issues I know that how I see myself will affect how my boys see me and how they view other women.

Right now, I hope they just see me as a strong mommy. Strong enough to hold them when they are sleepy or hurt. Strong enough to open a new toy that is strapped down like it is on a long trip to the moon. Strong enough to handle life's struggles and teach them about those hurdles. More importantly, strong enough to hold onto them as they grow up and pull away.


Honeybell said...

My Lord woman . . . your arms!!!!

*walks away in a fit of jealousy*

I was proud of my little guy when he was at 98 percentile in height. But I think that's because I'm only 5 ft tall, and Mr. Honeybell is only 5'7".

The Rev. said...

Could trounce me in an arm wrestling competition, that's for sure!

Though I'm not a parent myself, I think it's equally, if not more, important to stress a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet with children these days, particularly with the amount of junk/processed food going about these days.

Body image is a fairly touchy issue with anyone, particularly kids (speaking only from experience with my little sis). It's more important to remind them to be "healthy" rather than "skinny."

Amy said...

You have some healthy kids! Additionally, you are one hot and fit momma!

Putz said...

if your kids excell in any area just a little bit it gives them that much more advantage and can be used for their benefit, i always wanted to have aa mind that was a tiny bit more advanced than yours so i could rule the world and being a bit sharper than average, and the word here is control, your boys will probably be abe to hit a baseball out of the park when they get older and that is good...i have a grandson who has a driver's license for a motorcycle and he is 8 and he has passed adult trainning classes, his brother engineers rockets, but on the other hand are kind of take what you have, your two in the 95 percentile will do great tings, just wait and see

BusyDad said...

95 percentile or not, your boys are very symmetrical! 40x40, 30x30! Maybe carry your 40x40 in the smaller arm and the 30x30 in the bigger arm to even things out? :D

PG said...

You're ripped! I had a gym membership for a year solid a few years ago. Now, I do not. However, I am fitter and stronger now than then. More time lugging kids and a small investment in some dumbbells (and a committment I made to myself last birthday to be fitter @ 40 than I was at 35) was all it took.