Monday, June 2, 2008

Confessions of a Naughty Mommy

Prior to my current role as Mom I was many things. I have been a corporate career woman, student, and wanna be rock star. I had my share of boyfriends; after all, you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince. I did things I probably won't tell my boys about; and certainly wouldn't tell daughters if I had them. If my boys bring home a girl like me I may have to keep a close eye on her. I spent many late nights, and some mornings with friend and foe alike, searching for something more. Prior to being a wife and mother there was an excitement or thrill from "that life". Your decisions only affect you. No responsibilities. Nothing to hold you to one spot. Men chase you. You play along. Now I play new games. Go fish. The "eat your dinner" game. Brush your teeth. Get in the car. Go to sleep. Your turn to get up.

Hubs and I were at the mall with the boys this weekend while it was raining. As we walked and talked I asked him if he thought I dressed my age. The question popped in my head as I watched many people the I thought did not, in fact, dress their age. You know the type; sixty years old, with a see-through gauze top on and bra underneath. How about the pre-teen with inappropriately short shorts and a barely there top.

Hub's response was that he thought I dressed older than my age. Spending the last ten years working for myself from home you will typically find me in a t-shirt and jeans or shorts, depending on the weather. Since my move back to Missouri from Florida I still don't have many closed toed shoes so I am usually in flip flops. Hubs asked where all my cute skirts went. He asked where all my high heels went. I guess I still have them but they are tucked back in the closet collecting dust. These items just don't seem conducive to digging in the rock box and looking for worms.

What else is tucked back in the closet collecting dust? What other parts of us as moms, or dads for that matter, are not seeing the light of day? I am not the same woman I was before I met Hubs, thank God. I may have thought I didn't want to get married and have kids at one point in my life but that was before I met him. All three of my "boys" make me strive to be a better person each day.

In my constant pursuit of balance, this conversation at the mall reminded me to clean out the closet every now and then, in more ways than one. It is ok for us to go to out with our "other", maybe drink a little too much and come home and do things like we did before we were married and our names were mommy or daddy. It is ok for us to get a little crazy and use the "family" bathroom together at the Southwest Florida Airport. I wonder how others are "dusting off" things in their closet?


amy t sharp said...

oh yes- can so relate to this post. I often have to go into the back of my closet. Or out to the carport :)

Kimmylyn said...

I just had a conversation about this with a girlfriend.. it is sad that I too have forgotten my "old" self due to the responsibilities of parenting..

It is a good reminder to find a balance.. though you will NEVER see me in a see-through top at 60 haha.

Putz said...

how dare you of implying that i deress inappropriately with a see through guaze top and bra{mans zere}...being my age is hard, my wife picks all my clothes and then i go to the closet to find something comfortable...that's my won't kimmylyn get another 60 year old commetnting on this mod, swinging, withit crooked tree post

Tranny Head said...

Man - I just chucked all my heinous beige maternity underpants. I mean - EWW. Would YOU want to have sex with smomebody wearing beige underpants? No way!

Anyway, I bought some hawt underwear instead!


Half-Past Kissin' Time said...

Just tell him the mini skirts are back in the corner with his 6-pack. JUST KIDDING; I know you asked, so I'm glad he was honest (I hope you were, too.) I worry about this, too, but I think I'm doing okay (my 13-year-old tells me I have style). One thing that is interesting to me...women who get boob jobs so have boobs that look 20 years old but faces that look 60. That kind of creeps me out!

Putz said...

p.s. little man doesn't care about your past, he knows you are perfectly great especially for him

Anonymous said...

have you seen the new kids line from kimora lee simmons, baby phat or whatever, they had it on the's hooker wear for 6 year olds....ugh. No see-through tops for me, like tranny head I just recently ditched the beige maternity drawers, plus the stretch marks wouldn't make for a belly shirt pretty pic haha