Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wet N Wild Wednesdays

dscn0574I was hooked the first time I saw the sign at one of our local clubs.  Not only was I impressed by the fact that this type of business has found a way to differentiate itself from their competition, but each week I am curious what is on sale at the dollar store that week.

The last time I drove by, Creme Corn was the featured menu item.  This week, in true Ozarks fashion, we have smashed taters and gravy.  I find myself driving out of my way at times just to see what patrons have to look forward to upon their next visit.  I plan on keeping an eye on the situation in hopes that the cooks get a little more creative.  I am kind of tired of seeing things that sound like left overs from the local lunch rooms.  If those lunch ladies knew where their left overs were going!