Thursday, February 26, 2009

I Have A Confession

picture1I was raised Baptist so when I met hubs and started attending the Episcopal church there was a transitional period for me.  I was used to upbeat music, discussion prior to the sermon, and a charismatic speaker at the podium.  The first time I went to church with hubs and his family was Christmas Eve; way to ease me into things.  I was sitting in the pew between hubs and his grandfather.  Papa Ray was a big man; a big belly, a big laugh, and an even bigger heart.  When the church lights dimmed  and the acolytes entered, Ray leaned over to me and whispered "This is when they bring in the snakes".  He could not control his laughter as he watched my eyes get big as I squeezed hubs leg.  I quickly learned the joke was on me.  Eleven  years later we still sit in the same pew that Ray sat in every Sunday prior to his passing. Although it did not take me eleven years, I am at home in the Episcopal church.  I like the routine of it all, sit stand, sit stand, communion, the whole thing.  For those of you not familiar with the Episcopal religion, we are very similar to Catholicism, yet we do not have individual confession.  You know what I am talking about; you go to a little booth and act like the person on the other side does not know you.  You tell them all your wrong doings and then they give you an assignment to be forgiven.  Since our church does not do this sort of thing, I find myself needing to confess and an outlet for that confession.  Rather than sit in a box and tell someone I have to see the next Sunday, I have chosen to tell you.  You see how  much better this will be?  I do not really know you.  I do not have to see you tomorrow or even next week.  If I did would I recognize you?  So here goes.

I must confess that I listen to the easy listening radio station.  Don’t worry; I do not do it all the time.  It is not even a speed button on my radio dial.  I suppose I do not make it a button because that would mean I am committed.  I mean, what if someone got in my car and started pushing buttons and found out I am a closet "gentle giant" listener?!  I seem to listen to this station when I am in the car by myself; does that mean I am ashamed?  Oh no, two sins in one!


The Rev. said...

As a former practicing Catholic, you thought Christmas Eve would ease you in?? That seems to be the service that can run off even the most devout parishioners!

As for the easy listening....three Hail Mary's and an Our Father....whoops, slipping into that Catholic thing again! :)

The Rev. said...

Whoops, I meant I was the former practicing Catholic, not you...

Oddly enough, for several summers I accompanied a friend's family to a Baptist summer camp in (FAR) South this day I'm still not sure what to think about both the camp and my voluntary participation in it. Live and learn, eh?

staciesmadness said...

and you are HOW OLD?? ;)

not judging, just askin' :D

Not a rev said...

Hi, I thought the Episcopal church was more of a mix of Buddhism with their mystics, Hinduism with their labyrinths and mandalas, and Sufi's, which a bit of Christianity and atheism thrown in for good measure. Kind of a mix of everything?

I wouldn't really call them similar to the Catholic church, more a cult?

trannyhead said...

BWAHAHAHA! First off, on the bringing snakes in to an Episcopal church ... that's HILARIOUS. Just the very thought of that is so fantastic.

Second - easy listening? *gag* You should turn catholic just so you can confess this particular offense to a priest who can absolve you. Kenny G? Really? Josh Grobin!? NOOOO!!!