Friday, December 5, 2008

English as a Second Language

English is a really tough language to learn. We have words that have multiple meanings, some spelled the same, others not. We have the weirdest slang, and some weird dialects. I can only imagine what it i like to be 2 or 3 and trying to absorb it all. Take for instance:

When I told Little Man that hubs was going to shoot his bow, Little Man gave me a very concerned look. He said Mommy, don't let Daddy shoot brother! I tried to explain that is a different kind of bow...that is a Beau!

Little Man was picking out his clothes for the day and I mentioned he had two pairs of the same pants in his closet that were different colors. He looked at me and said "pears like we eat?". No honey, I am talking about pairs, or a set. He said oh like two! Woo hoo! He got that one.

Now, if I can only explain the difference between pin and pen. I am still trying to explain that one to hubs.

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tom said...

Dr. Seuss did a whole book about that. I think it was called "The Tough Coughed as he Ploughed the Dough" - and it had all sorts of words in it that are spelled the same, but are pronounced completely different from each other.

You're right about English being a difficult language. I'm glad I started with it before trying to learn others.