Friday, March 27, 2009

Absence Makes My Kids Annoying

dsc031171My parents divorced when I was about eight years old.  Dad moved out but still lived in the city until a job transfer took him to St Louis and then Japan.  It seemed the farther away he was, the more I missed him. I try to remember that longing for my father when I see my boys missing someone they love.  Recently Little Man has been missing my parents more than usual.  Hub's parents live in town so we see them more often than we see mine. I regularly hear Little Man tell me he wants to go to Washington DC to visit Nana and Papa or drive to see Grand-daddy and Phi Phi.  I hear the two of them playing and pulling their suitcases behind them saying they are going to the airport to visit one set of grandparents or the other.

The other day Hub's brother came in from Kansas City for the day.  The trip is usually a three hour drive, but it took Uncle Adam about an hour to take his first solo flight at that distance.  The boys were so excited to not only see the airplane that their very own uncle flew, but even more to see Uncle Adam.  The boys have always had a fondness for Adam but his recent move to KC has strengthened their admiration.

We met Adam at the airport before he took off and the boys loved on him and looked at the plane.  Little Man helped Adam prepare for flight and then we all watched him take off.  The boys had a great time and I was so happy they got to see him but the aftermath of the visit lasted until they went to bed.

Before we even got in the truck to leave the airport:

The Babe: "Mommy, where is Uncle Adam?"

Me: "He is up in the air on his way home"

Little Man: "Mommy, where is Uncle Adam going"

Me: "He is going back home to see Amy"


Little Man: "Where is Amy"


The Babe: "Does Amy have a puppy Mommy?"

Little Man: "Can we drive to KC to see Uncle Adam Mommy?"

Me: “Well, KC is kind of far honey"

Little Man: “You don’t know how to get there do you Mommy?”

The Babe: "Where is Uncle Adam Mommy?"


Rinse, Lather Repeat.

I just stopped answering after a while.

We all miss you Uncle Adam.


staciesmadness said...

awe, that is really sweet...probably because I don't have to listen to it, but still, it is pretty sweet. :)

melissa said...

that's so sweet!! my son's fave aunt lives in l.a and he misses her all the time. i just bought a reed stick room diffuser in vanilla. and something about it reminds him of her. and he has been asking about her even more!!! sad. but cute!!

Momo Fali said...

I don't blame them! That's just about the ultimate in cool to have an uncle who can fly a plane!